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Grab the Gang, We're going Vendor Shopping

Hello Fellow Brides and Grooms.

Well this is it, a big one, one that is by definition probably the most important decisions your will make in your wedding career. I am of course talking about.... Bridal Shows! (Cue Theme Song!)

The Lights, the Sounds... the Food?

Oh yes, going to a Bridal Show is a huge, first step in planning a Wedding. Most Brides and Grooms I've talked to are overwhelmed at all the vendors and it becomes hard to choose what exactly they are all about. The main focus that you must keep in mind is "Who is perfect for me" "Whats in our Budget" and the main Question "Are they Available" Most Vendors, but not including some, are First Come, First Serve. Due to Limited Availability, some vendors may only be able to accommodate a certain amount of Couples per day, or even per week, or in very rare cases - Per Year. I know of one photographer who only shoots 30 days per year, and she is all booked up in January. If you take anything from that, you should know spaces are limited. Some Vendors want to give you the very best that your deserve, to go above and beyond for YOUR day. Those are the ones you want to look for, the ones that care for their work and take pride in it.

Giving out Information:

Well.... this is a tough one. If you go to a bridal show and expect all the vendors to know who you are, then you don't know Bridal Shows. Your necessarily don't have to give them your info, but you should be ready to. I know one bride who obviously has been to several shows already and came prepared with White stickers with all her info on it - another way to just copy and paste. So be prepared to give out your info, just basics, such as:


-Future Spouse

-Wedding Date

-Services Needed



This info is vital to the vendor, it helps them serve you better. Even if your wedding is in 2020, they need to know, so they can prepare their schedules. Don't be a late shopper. Shop early and take advantages of their prices. At most bridal shows they can knock off up to $500 or more for services. You don't want to be one month before your wedding still trying to find a DJ or Officiant. But don't worry, you will have friends - which reminds me.....

Friends to Live By

Bridal Shows are not just for a Bride and Groom, bring your friends along as well. Your mom, dad, sister, brother, best friends, all of them! They can help you decide who is the perfect vendor for your day. They love you and want you to have the best day imaginable, so bring them along - don't forget most Shows do have an entrance fee ($4-$10 at most). When you enter a bridal show, on average, your walk through (depending on size) is about 2 hours. At that point, you can revisit some vendors you like or want to get more info on, go look at some vendors you didn't get to see, and maybe even just sit down at tables scattered around and just take everything in. Bridal Shows can be absolute fun. Your going to meet a lot of new people and check the first thing off your list - Go to a Bridal Show

Sir Blogs-A-lot (Bloggy)

Her is a link to find the nearest Bridal Shows near you, have fun planning the biggest day of your life!!!


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