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What Beauty Doth Thy Choose?

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Here- for the first of many- is a small, little fable of a Bride who never hired a wedding coordinator. Enjoy.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful bride by the name of Cassandra. She was known throughout the land as one of the hardest working women alive (yes, alive). She would work day in and day out on all of her comings and goings, and she always kept to a schedule. From getting up in the wee hours of the morning to going to bed at the rise of the moon, yes, she had complete control over every aspect of her life. Then, as life would have it, she decided to get married.

A handsome man from across the sea searched and searched for this wondrous beauty. And lo’ and behold, he found her. She was sitting all by herself in a garden, reading a short fable of sorts . He took a chance and approached her. Of course, the look she gave him was intense and surreal but he loved it. And she loved him.

Fast forward a couple years and BAM, they were suddenly betrothed to get married. Now, we all know of the tale of the Bride and "Her" Wedding day. But as this Knight can attest, there are Grooms, too, that wish to help in the planning of such a prominent event. And two is always better than one, I always say.

So they agreed on a date and a place. But… where to next. “What do we do? Where do we go to?” they would say. Cassandra, in all her glory, decided to take it upon herself to handle everything -- and I mean EVERYTHING!! The Groom wanted to help but she waved him off. She had the schedule, she had the skill, she could organize a wedding.

She began to from the early morning into the late hours of the night on Her big day. And little by little, day by day, she truly was creating her dream wedding. Her wonderful Groom would assure her that he would help; that she didn’t have to do this alone. This was turning out to be a big wedding and over half the land was invited. She needed help. Yet, over and over she refused all offers of assistance. And then -- then the wedding day came.

She woke on the morning of her wedding, smiled and looked at the sun… That's when the sheer PANIC set in!!!! Where’s the make-up, the flowers, the bridesmaids? The place - is it ready? Oh, no!! What about the officiant, the photographer, the videographer, the cake, the food, the family…. The groom?

Everything was suddenly in an uproar. And after only ten minutes of being awake… she was exhausted. She had too much to do, and not enough time. She ran out of it. She ran out of TIME!!! Here it was, the biggest, most important day of her life, and all she wanted was for it to be over. That was when her best friend Jenna came to her. Sweet, Caring, Wonderful Jenna. She asked what was wrong, and Cassandra regaled her with her tail of woe.

After listing everything that needed her immediate attention, Cassandra finally uttered the greatest words ever created in the world, “I need help.” Yes, dear friends, Cassandra realized the error of her ways; and in so doing, launched herself on a path of recovery. Her friend Jenna was trusted with all the arrangements and happily wanted to help Cassandra to achieve the wedding of her dreams. And so it was. Her wedding was saved from disaster before it began. She and her new Husband enjoyed the day away, knowing that behind the scenes, everything was moving the way she envisioned it, all thanks to her friend and Coordinator – Jenna

We all know that Weddings are stressful. Yet, each and every wedding is amazing in its own light. Hiring a coordinator or even asking a friend like Jenna to help, is one of the greatest things you can do to ensure that Your Big Day runs smoothly. Our Bride Cassandra was very lucky, but some are not and we have all heard tales of those brides who want absolute, complete control, even on the day of the wedding. their glorious enchanted day many times turns into a tragic nightmare. So, my friends, always...always ask for help. We are humans, we will help.

Sir Blogs (Bloggy)

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