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Where Doth tho be...uh... The place where you get married?

So, you have gotten engaged uh? Congrats!!!! Whats the first step after that? Well, I'm glad you asked. Unlike the title the first step is actually your guest count. One of the best Coordinator I've ever had the pleasure working with, Robyn of Hunting Beach, once told me, "The First and Foremost thing you need before anything, is how many are coming to the wedding." Now she didn't say it exactly like that, but you get the gist. After that, venue shopping.

So... where to get married, where to tie the knot? There are lots of places all over the world, from Churches to Parks, from Lakes to Beaches. I've even filmed a wedding in a Mortuary and Cemetery. All these can be places where you would officially become one, but where do you want to get married. If you and your loved one are inclined to be hip in the now, Rustic may be what you are looking for. And that would be venues like Barns or Cabins in the woods. These places, I've witnessed, are more likely to be very intimate and more exciting visually. You can have scenery of mountains or the surrounding of trees. But Barns can have an outdoorsy feeling as well. Usually surrounded by Horses or other live stock, barns can be a great way for your wedding colors to stand out and be unique.

Oh, you like Beaches. Beautiful vistas and the calm sounding of waves, Your guest will be the most comfortable at these weddings. But beware, Beaches can get somewhat hot on certain days of the week, maybe plan on giving out some umbrellas to your guests. Or if you have decided to get married in the same place where your reception is, that's awesome as well. Its a marriage ceremony, everything is awesome!!! No matter where you choose, just be sure both you and your future Gride (Groom and Bride put together), are both accepting of that area or place. Its going to be wonderful, because they will be there. Now.... what about your officiant?

Till Next Time....

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